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Pumpic Review: A Predicament for Every Lewd and the Lecherous

Pumpic Review: A Predicament for Every Lewd and the Lecherous )When you think of spyware programs, you imagine a shady app that’s meant to do the dirty work of taking your private info away, and without your consent. However, perception plays an important role when it’s a discussion over privacy. A 2017 survey revealed that 7/10 apps on our phones share our data with third-party services. We are giving away not just our information but also the consent to sell that info to third parties. But no one bats an eye. Why? Because it involves our so-called “consent.”

Let’s talk about relationships a bit. Are you in one? Are you happy and satisfied? If you were able to answer that without a second thought or pause, congratulations! You are doing just fine with your relationship. But if there was even a slight of doubt in your head, you’ve got yourself a problem!

Infidelity is a leading factor that kills our relationships. In fact, a journal article reported that 70% of married people get into an affair at some point in their lives. And that’s why many couples have to live with the disconcerting thought of being cheated on.

But, things are changing, and people are curious to know what’s wrong in their relationship. A general consensus is that no one wants to live with a cheater, and with the increasing distrust in our society, spying seems more like the need of time. But such answers don’t come easy. Just a confrontation with your partner might not make a difference, especially if that person is a compulsive liar. That is why, one-third of the Americans say they look through their S.O.’s phone, and many also use spyware programs that you can install on their phone to find your answers. I can’t guarantee whether you’ll be better off knowing the truth, but I can assure you I’ve found the right solution for your answers.

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For the rest of the article, I’ll be telling tell you how to use a spyware program called Pumpic that you can use to monitor their phone and get your answers. However, downloading spyware programs isn’t just the same as downloading Candy Crush or some other app from the Play Store or App Store. Because of the underlying grey nature of spy apps, they aren’t available on the official mobile app stores. But that doesn’t mean they are illegitimate to use. All leading spyware programs, including Pumpic, adhere to the US surveillance laws (more on this later).

Pumpic Review: A Predicament for Every Lewd and the Lecherous
Pumpic Review: A Predicament for Every Lewd and the Lecherous


It’s not a pleasant experience setting up a spyware program on a phone because there is a multitude of steps you’ve to follow up on. It starts off with you subscribing and receiving a download link on your registered email which you have to open on the cell phone you want to monitor. Doing so initiates an APK download on Android devices. Once downloaded, you can follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation. Since I only tested the app on Android, I can’t give you my hands-on experience with the iOS version.


Pumpic is not a freeware. It’s a subscription-based service that’s worthwhile from where I see it. In fact, Pumpic is relatively cheaper than other comparable spyware programs. I made a list for you to do the math. See below:

Pumpic$4.99/month for basic; $7.49/month for premium
FlexispyLite for $29.99/month; $68/month for premium
MobiStealth$59.99/month for the PRO version; $69.99/month for PRO-X
Spyic$39.99/month for basic; $49.99/month for premium


There’s a lot you can do with Pumpic. All of the features that come with your subscription can be toggled on/off at your will. This is quite helpful when you are snooping because more features would simply mean a bigger data backup to your web account, and more use of battery and data plan on the monitored device. For instance, I noticed my phone getting hot after a while of getting off a phone call since Pumpic was recording those calls. But I didn’t notice this happening any other time of the day with other features recording data.

What I also noticed is that not all of Pumpic’s features are available in stealth mode. This means some features are not usable unless you are overtly monitoring someone like your child. Below I’ve listed down the features into either of the two categories:

Covert Features

  1. Call and Surround Recording: This feature automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls on a phone. Recorded calls can be accessed via your web account and can also be downloaded. Surround recording is another feature that lets you record phone surroundings by remotely accessing the monitored phone’s microphone.
  2. Phone Logs: You can get daily reports for the top 5 callers and top 5 calls. You can also get details like date, time, and Caller ID for every log.
  3. Instant messages and multimedia: WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Kik, LINE, Tinder; these are a few apps whose activity you can monitor with Pumpic installed on a phone. You can send all sent and received IMs, plus shared multimedia and call logs (for WhatsApp only).
  4. Stored multimedia: You also get access to multimedia saved on a phone.
  5. Emails: All sent and received emails via the default mailbox on Android phones.
  6. Contacts: Once Pumpic is installed on a phone, you’ll have complete access to their phonebook.
  7. Location tracking: Pumpic uses Google Maps on Android to keep track of a person’s whereabouts, discreetly. These logs are available at all times through your web account.
  8. Watchlist Alerts: You can set alerts on specific words, contacts, and locations. If you don’t want to dig through a plethora of phone logs every day, you can just set alerts for those special contacts, words, or locations that are you interested in.

Overt Monitoring Features

These features are more popular among people who want to monitor their children’s phones. For instance:

  1. App blocking: When you’ll restrict apps on a phone, it will get noticed.
  2. Phone lock: Similarly, if you’ll lock a phone remotely via Pumpic, it can only be unlocked using the passcode generated by the app. Moreover, such features only come in handy when you want to monitor your children.
  3. Remote data wipe: This feature factory resets a phone wiping everything on it.

Who needs Pumpic?

When I was on the Pumpic website, I spent some time going through their legal pages. One that caught my attention was Pumpic’s Terms of Use. This webpage describes the legal use of Pumpic. It’s a lot of text in there, but what it essentially says is that Pumpic software can only be used for legal reasons by parents and employers and only after the legal consent of the device users.

What does US law say about digital surveillance?

The US surveillance law says pretty much what Pumpic has to say on their website. However, US surveillance laws vary from state to state. For instance, many states allow the monitoring of minors without their consent. This means you can install something like Pumpic on their phones without informing them.

Performance and verdict

I must say that it’s my first-ever experience with a spy app so I don’t have anything to compare it to. But there’s still a lot I can tell from a user’s perspective:

  1. The software took me 5 minutes to set up, and the same amount of time to subscribe. You can only pay via a credit card. No PayPal, G Pay, or Apple Pay options are available.
  2. I couldn’t get the science behind the backups that were created on my account which could take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours. This uncertainty could be a little nerve-wracking if you are suspecting and waiting for the answers.
  3. Pumpic works great as parental control. While I haven’t yet used it on my children’s devices, I am highly convinced that Pumpic should be brought into homes to keep our kids’ screen time in check. While there are built-in screen time parental controls available on Android, Pumpic provides a lot more valuable information like where your kids were, or who they talk to, or what they search online, or the apps they use, and so on.
  4. The stealth mode on Pumpic is extremely good. Apart from my cell phone feeling a little warmer than usual, there wasn’t anything detectable. I couldn’t even find Pumpic in the installed apps.
  5. If you need a monitoring/spy app, Pumpic is a fair decision. The price is right and the features list is good and so is the performance.

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