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Pumpic vs mSpy – Features, Compatibility, and Price Comparison

Pumpic and mSpy are two of the top spying apps on the internet. While Pumpic is known for its advanced set of spying features, mSpy is also popular for its parental controls. They have been competing in the market since many years now but when it comes to buying one, users are still confused to choose between the two.

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We have tried to make a comparison between the two iPhone spying apps (Pumpic vs mspy) on the basis of compatibility, price, and features. Let us find out which one is better.

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In order for a spy app to work, its compatibility with all the different smartphone manufacturers and operating systems must be impeccable.

No one wants to end up paying for an app that doesn’t even work with their phone; that’s why we believe this to be the single most important factor that directly impacts the buying decision of the subscribers. Let’s see what these two apps have to offer:

Pumpic Compatibility


Pumpic offers two different versions for the iPhone users. Those who want to use it on a jailbroken iPhone can opt for the Jailbreak version of Pumpic. It is compatible up to iOS 9.0.3 but it requires installation. On the other hand, the No Jailbreak version of Pumpic requires no installation. It only requires iCloud access to the target phone and the best part is that it supports the recent iOS 12.0.1.

Android: Spy

Pumpic is compatible with all the previous versions of the Android and was among the first few apps that came up with Android 8.1 compatibility. Its Android version smoothly fits with every Android phone and it claims to support almost all the smartphone models in the Android category.

Pumpic vs mSpy – Features, Compatibility, and Price Comparison
Pumpic vs mSpy – Features, Compatibility, and Price Comparison

mSpy Compatibility


In case of iPhone, mSpy also offers two different versions just like Pumpic. mSpy with jailbreak is designed for the jailbroken devices where the users have to install the app manually. It is compatible with iOS 7- 9.1. mSpy’s without jailbreak version does not require manual installation and requires only iCloud details for pairing the app with the target device. But they do not offer compatibility for the latest iOS 12.


mSpy is compatible with all Android devices from Android 4.0 up to Android 7.1. There is no other difference between the two apps in terms of as it also requires physical access and manual installation.


Pumpic is the clear winner in this case. Even though both Pumpic and mSpy have nearly similar compatibility with the iOS and Android devices, Pumpic works even with the iOS 12.0.1.


For a better price comparison, we have made a chart of the two apps displaying their different plans and their prices.

mSpy and Pumpic both offer two packages each and they both call them “Basic” and “Premium.” Both apps offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. However, mSpy’s basic plan is only available for one month ($29.99) but it is way cheaper than Pumpic’s monthly package which stands at $49.99.

The only downside is the basic package is only available in one-month plan. So in the long-term, Pumpic’s basic plan becomes cheaper with only $8.33 per month if you subscribe it for a year.


The winner will again be Pumpic here. It offers better plan flexibility when it comes to basic plans and you save more on the premium plans with more features.


If you compare the prices of premium plans of the two apps, you will find Pumpic better than mSpy. If you compare the prices with mSpy, you save $10, $20, and $50 on monthly, quarterly, and yearly premium plans of Pumpic respectively.


You will see a diversity of features in both these spying apps. When we compared their features, most of them overlapped each other, especially the standard ones. The difference, however, is made by some of the premium features. Here is a features comparison of the two apps.



As aforementioned, mSpy has a similar set of standard features to Pumpic. Both offer access to monitored user’s contacts, internet history and bookmarks, call history, incoming and outgoing texts, iMessages, etc.

But there are a few exceptions as well and that’s where Pumpic edges out its competitor. For example, in its basic version, mSpy does not offer access to any of the social media messengers or their data. On the other hand, Pumpic allows its user to see Viber, Instagram, and WhatsApp photos. But this is the only take away from the basic packages comparison.


Now comes the most interesting section of the comparison. The premium features of these apps are actually the reason why most of the users subscribe to them. They are the ones that make the difference. So how are these two apps different in terms of advanced surveillance?

  • Let’s discuss the social media messengers first. Both apps offer to monitor a list of social media messengers. mSpy takes the lead here as it can monitor more instant messaging apps than Pumpic. Google Hangouts, Snapchat, and Telegram are a few that mSpy can monitor but Pumpic can’t. But both offer access to the chats and shared multimedia on these messengers.
  • Pumpic’s remote control features are among its signature features, something that mSpy completely misses on. Pumpic offers ambient recording feature that can record the surroundings of a phone without getting near it. Similarly, it can remotely lock the target phone and even wipe it, in case it is lost.
  • Both apps have a keylogger feature to log every keystroke the user makes. While Pumpic’s keylogger can record social media messenger keystrokes, mSpy’s keylogger has the ability to check text messages and emails.
  • Another difference between the two apps arises when mSpy offers apps and website blocking in its premium package. Though both the spying solutions provide the list of installed apps, Pumpic does not allow its users to block websites or certain apps.
  • The last significant difference between the two spying apps is the Watchlist alerts offered by Pumpic only. If you create watch lists of words, emails, phone numbers, and even places in your Pumpic account, you will be instantly alerted for the relevant activity.


Pumpic beats mSpy in the number and quality of premium features. While both the Android spying apps display almost the same number of standard features, Pumpic has the clear advantage when it comes to the premium features with its Watchlist and remote monitoring capabilities.

Wi-Fi Network LogsYESYES
Call & Surroundings RecordingYESNO
Phone logs (calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries)YESNO
  Social Media monitoringFacebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik, iMessage, Tinder.Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, Snapchat, Line, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts, Facebook.
Multimedia Files
Remote CommandsDevice Wipe, Device Locking, Screenshot.Device Wipeout, Device Locking.
Watchlist AlertsYESNO


After a thorough comparison, the two spying applications have a number of features displaying homogeneity and heterogeneity at the same time. But Pumpic takes the lead where it matters the most. In terms of price, it is cheaper. In terms of compatibility, Pumpic is better compatible with the latest mobile operating systems than mSpy. And finally, we find that Pumpic has a much better mix of standard and advanced features than its rival.

Pumpic Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for alternatives to Pumpic? Tons of people want Employee Monitoring Software. What’s difficult is finding out whether or not the software you choose is right for you. Hubstaff, Time Doctor, ActivTrak, and ProHance are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Pumpic.

What is Pumpic?

 Pumpic is an advanced employee monitoring software that allows users to fully track all device-centric activities of employees and individuals. It’s ideal for employers who want to improve on their business productivity, parents who want to monitor the device activity of their child, businesses that cater to highly confidential data, and private investigation agencies. Pumpic is equipped with tools and features that enable users to remotely check and view messages, call logs, emails, chats, internet browsing, and locations of any phone, tablet, or smart device. Aside from the features that allow users to listen to phone calls, Pumpic even has a potent tool that can record a phone’s surroundings. All Pumpic activities can be done remotely without the employee or actual device user noticing that monitoring is going on. It also has a tool that allows for random screenshots to be gathered. Pumpic integrates analytics as it delivers summary reports of call logs and keystrokes. It has a handy feature that allows users to lock devices remotely. It can also remotely wipe all data. The tool has discounted rates for quarterly and annual billing starting as low as $4.99/month.

Pumpic Benefits

The main benefits of Pumpic are 24/7 transparency, improved productivity, increased security, and total control.

24/7 Transparency

Pumpic is accessible 24/7. Employees, parents, and concerned individuals can access their desired devices anytime. Pumpic users can have access to any message log, emails, or chat thread at any given time. In labor disputes and labor cases, businesses will not have a hard time pointing out tardiness and problematic productivity rate as evidence and summary reports can be accessed in a click.

Improved Productivity

Pumpic improves business productivity because employers can seamlessly monitor and track all of its employees’ activities in a certain device. Users can program for automated screenshots to be taken at random intervals. Through it, employees would be aware and fully focused during work hours as they know that all acts are monitored and recorded.

Increased Security

Pumpic gives businesses, parents, and concerned individuals the security of knowing everything that is going on when it comes to their employees, children, or certain persons of interest. Pumpic allows its users to feel secured and protected in the knowledge that should any activity go wrong, they can rely on Pumpic to check on and explain matters.

Total Control

Pumpic allows its users to have total control of a device. Through its tools and features, users can even have access to installed apps and recorded keystrokes, which are crucial capabilities that you can learn from conducting research on employee monitoring software. Users can even set 24/7 alerts whenever special words are typed in the device or whenever a device is in a particular location. Through its GPS tracker, employers can easily check if their field workers are duly checked-in at their assigned areas of responsibility.

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