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Pumpic vs. FlexiSpy: The Ultimate Comparison

Pumpic vs. FlexiSpy: The Ultimate Comparison FlexiSpy and Pumpic are two competing spying applications currently in the market. In this article, we provide a comprehensive comparison and analysis of the two monitoring applications.

Read on to find what features each application has and whether they offer the value for the price they charge and a lot more in this Pumpic vs. FlexiSpy Review.


There are a variety of features that Pumpic and FlexiSpy provide to their users. With these features, one can gain access to all the data available on the target device, like messages, audio, video, photos, location, browsing history, etc. To put it plainly, a person’s entire phone activity can be monitored with these spying applications. By making use of the features listed below, one has access to all forms of communication that happens over the phone.

Both applications offer the same features but differ in some aspects. Here is an in-depth comparison of individual features offered by Pumpic and FlexiSpy.

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Instant Messaging

It is expected that by next year, there will be 2.1 billion users of instant messaging applications. Instant Messaging applications such as Messenger by Facebook and WhatsApp are the leading applications, followed by WeChat, which has a major market in China.

Pumpic and FlexiSpy provide monitoring of popular instant messaging applications including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram Direct Messages and others. Both spying applications provide monitoring of all the popular instant messaging applications but with a few differences.

You can perform these actions using Pumpic and FlexiSpy monitoring applications:

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing IMs
  • View contacts
  • Search for keywords
  • View date and timestamps for each message
  • Save and view all instant messages
  • Save and download the entire message thread

Based on this, the following table shows which application provides users with the facility to monitor each instant messaging application installed on the target phone.

Keep in mind that not all instant messaging applications are popular in one region, so monitoring them may not be useful in certain parts of the world. WeChat is a popular messaging app in China with almost 1 billion users. On the other hand, the second most popular messaging app, WhatsApp is not used by the majority of people in the US. So this makes each instant messaging application relevant to one region.

In order to gain access to messages on FlexiSpy, the Android device needs to be rooted. Similarly, to access instant messaging applications on an iOS device, the user has to jailbreak the phone.

Users of Pumpic monitoring application also have to root their Android phones in order to gain access to instant messaging applications. However, for iOS devices, messages from applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, can be accessed without jailbreak.

The following table provides detail on what instant messaging applications are compatible with which device.

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Call Logs and Recordings

Users of the monitoring application can view entire call logs including incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

Pumpic and FlexiSpy provide relevant information so you can view the contact person, contact number, call duration, timestamp, and date for every incoming and outgoing call. Leveraging Google Maps, Pumpic goes a step further and provides the location from where the call was made or attended.

When it comes to call recording, Pumpic automatically records all the incoming and outgoing phone calls but, for Flexispy, you first have to send a command. Both Flexispy and Pumpic do not offer call recording for iOS devices because that requires a jailbreak. In addition to monitoring calls logs on Skype, Pumpic allows users to monitor Skype contacts as well.

Pumpic Vs. TheTruthSpy: Who’s the winner
Pumpic Vs. TheTruthSpy: Who’s the winner

Email Monitoring

For employers especially, email monitoring is a valuable feature in monitoring employees’ daily activities. Most spy applications provide email monitoring features such as:

  • Incoming and outgoing emails and email addresses
  • Date and timestamps of the emails
  • Sender and receiver’s contact details
  • Email monitoring through keywords

Pumpic and FlexiSpy have common email monitoring features, with the exception of Watchlist contacts and Watchlist words. Watchlist is a feature by Pumpic to notify the user regarding any contact or words that are deemed sensitive by the user.

The following table lists down email monitoring features available in Pumpic and FlexiSpy.

For Android phones, emails sent via Gmail are tracked and monitored. While for iPhones, it is the Mail application that is monitored by these spying applications. The email monitoring feature offered by Pumpic is compatible with all Android and iOS devices (as long as everything is backed up on the iCloud). FlexiSpy also provides email monitoring feature that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. However, for iOS, a jailbreak will be required.

Photos, Videos, and Audio Files

Spying applications are not limited to monitoring online activity but also the offline activity of a user. With monitoring applications, you can view audio, video, and image files on the target device. Both the spying applications discussed here provide access to the photo gallery of Android and iOS devices.

The files are uploaded to a server from where they are accessed by the user. In addition to viewing the files, you can also download photos for viewing at a later time. Pumpic and FlexiSpy provide viewing and downloading of the images and video on any device, with the exception of audio files. Pumpic does not provide access to audio recordings.

Since these files are uploaded to the respective server provided by the spying application server, users can log in into their accounts and view the files at any time of their choosing. You can also view the timestamp and dates of when the files were created.


You don’t require rooting an Android device in order to gain access to the video files. Pumpic allows users to access files including photos and videos that were created before the installation of the app.


FlexiSpy allows users to monitor images, videos in addition to audio files and voice notes. The spyware allows users to view and download them. It also supports different file formats for images, videos and audio files. This gives FlexiSpy an edge in accessing and viewing files available on the target device.

Files from the target device are retrieved by uploading them to the FlexiSpy server. Likewise, FlexiSpy also allows users to download files onto the user’s device for later viewing. Thus, easing the monitoring process.

Application Activity, Calendars, and Notes

Other than monitoring messages and calls on individual applications, most spyware programs also allows users to monitor total time spent on each application. This enables users to determine screen time. You can also monitor calendar appointments and notes which allow you to gain insights into a person’s activities, both online and offline.

With FlexiSpy, users can monitor applications according to the time spent on them. You can also monitor when the application was installed and at what time of the day is the application being used. You can spy on notes and calendars as well.

Likewise, using Pumpic, users can monitor when the application was installed on the target device giving users a deeper insight into the application activity of a phone user.

Pumpic and FlexiSpy offer both of these features, though in some cases provide more functionality than the other.

Live Screenshots – Live Photo Capture – Ambient Listening


Pumpic does not offer live photo capture, but it allows users to take live screenshots of the application that is being used at that moment. The Ambient Listening feature in Pumpic allows users to listen to the surroundings of the phone. Although the feature is available for both Android and iPhone, but an iOS device will require jailbreaking. Another added feature of Pumpic is that the quality of the recording is good. You can also schedule a recording beforehand.


The RemVideo and RemCam features of the application allows users to take snaps and record audio of the surroundings of the target device. This feature can be used in order to determine the whereabouts of the person holding the target device. Once the picture is taken or the audio recorded, you can then have the file stored on the server, download, and view it. However, the live listening feature is only available for rooted Android devices.

The table summarizes and compares features for each device operating system for Pumpic and FlexiSpy.

Browsing History and Bookmarks


With Pumpic, users can view the browsing history of the target device. The spying application provides you with the list of all websites visited. The Analytics feature finds out the top 10 websites visited on the phone. In addition to this, you can view the timestamps and dates associated with the browsed websites. Users can also view bookmarks on the browser on the target phone.


Similarly, FlexiSpy allows users to view all the browsed and bookmarked sites with date and time stamps.

The following table summarizes this:

Remote Controlling


Pumpic provides remote controlling features such as locking the phone, wiping data (in case of theft), blocking application and blocking websites. However, some of these features are not available for iOS.


FlexiSpy allows users to remotely uninstall the spying application and restart the phone. These features are available for Android and jailbroken iOS. Jailbreaking is not widely practiced anymore since data on iOS devices is backed up by iCloud.

The following table shows features available for iOS and Android phones.

Location and Geo-Fencing

GPS tracking is a feature common to all spying applications. With Pumpic and FlexiSpy, there is the added advantage of knowing the previous locations. The following table lists the features that are found in the spying applications. These features are available for both Android and jailbreak iOS. Pumpic provides geo-fencing feature as well.

However, there are two drawbacks. In the case when there is no Wi-Fi, the user will not receive the current location of the target device. The location will be updated only in case of Wi-Fi connectivity. The second drawback is that the location of the target device will only be available if it is turned on.

Network Connection Logs


Pumpic allows you to view all the networks that the target device is connected to. This includes the name of the Network, the status, the location, and the date. This feature is available on Android phones only.


In terms of network connections, FlexiSpy offers the same with the exception of the location of the network. The network connections feature offered by FlexiSpy is available in both Android and iOS phones. But to have it installed on iOS, the device needs to be jailbroken.



Pumpic has a feature called “Watchlists” that generates different kinds of alerts for its users. For instance, the Watchlist Contacts gives alerts for activity related to specific “watchlisted” callers. Similarly, there are alerts for the use specific words on the monitored devices and the Watchlist locations generate alerts, when the monitored person enters or leaves the geofenced locations. Alerts are also generated when a SIM card has been changed on the monitored device.


FlexiSpy also has this feature where alerts are generated in case of a particular caller, keyword or location.

The following table summarizes alerts generated by the two spying applications.

Pumpic is the only application that provides analytics features by which users can gain insights into the online activity of the owner of the target device. You can monitor the top 10 websites visited, top 5 callers and top 5 call durations.


This is found in almost all spying applications including Pumpic and FlexiSpy. It is useful in cases where a message was written but then deleted.


Keylogger feature works with all messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. This feature is available for Android only. The keylogger is not detected by the person using the monitored device.


The keylogger feature allows the user to monitor for specific keywords. The user is alerted if such a word is used. This feature is available in Android and iPhone both, however, iPhone would require a jailbreak.


One of the key factors in determining the overall functionality of an application lies not only in the features it offers, but also in its performance. An application is only as good as how well it performs, no matter how many features it provides.

Many spying applications have problems such as quickly draining the battery of the target device, increased data usage, and visibility issues. Even if the spying application is not visible on the target device, these factors can ring bells. Other than this, since data is backed up on a server, there are security concerns associated with it as well.

Storage and Security

Pumpic offers unlimited data storage capacity for users. You can have unlimited multimedia files, text messages and call logs on the server and retrieve them anytime. However, call recordings are only up on the server for 60 days. You can download them before they are removed.

FlexiSpy allows users to download call recording, call logs, list of all contacts and photos from the application. Although videos and audio files cannot be downloaded from FlexiSpy, they can be accessed on the dashboard. Details of call logs and contacts can be downloaded in the form of spreadsheets for later usage.

No third party can gain access to the data served on the serves. So the data that is uploaded is protected. Only the person who has access to login details of the spying application account can view and download the data.

Battery Consumption and Data Usage

Battery Consumption is a major issue faced by spying applications. In order to monitor a device, all of the information is transmitted through Wi-Fi. This causes the battery to be depleted at higher rates. However, Pumpic offers users to change settings on the control panel in order to save on battery and data consumption. You can toggle features in the Settings tab to choose options such as “Upload Media Content on Wi-Fi” and “Upload Media Content on Charge.” This saves battery and data on the target device. However, you will have to compromise on obtaining instant alerts.

Unfortunately, FlexiSpy does not offer this option which causes battery depletion and data consumption at an increased rate. Despite, the number of features offered, this drawback hampers the performance of the spying applications. Even if the spying application is not visible on the target device, these indicators can lead the target person to suspect a spying app.

Control Panel

The control panels for both monitoring applications are fundamentally the same, with features and other tabs listed on the left-hand side. The simplistic overall look of the dashboard makes it easier for the user to follow along.

Pumpic offers user-friendly dashboards with icons that allow easy navigation. The control panel for Pumpic has all the features categorized under relevant headings, making it a lot easier to find a particular feature. You will find social media applications under the relevant heading. For example, the settings tab makes it easier for the user to add Watchlist words, Watchlist locations, Watchlist contacts and manage alerts.

With the Toggle Feature available on Pumpic, users can manage different features. This provides additional functionality in controlling how you monitor the target device. You have the option to Upload “Media Content on Wi-Fi,” and “Upload Media Content on Charge.” This can help save on resources such as battery life and data consumption of the target device.

There is no doubt that FlexiSpy provides users with a range of features. The control panel does not allow users much say in how to deal with the data that you receive from the target device. Users don’t have the option to save on resources when the data is being transferred to a server. So, while the target device’s battery may be dying, all the data will be transferred.

Another drawback is that it can get a little confusing for users to navigate from the multitude of options. Under the data tab, you will find everything including instant messaging apps, recordings, photos, and the rest of the features. For people not familiar with the software, finding a particular feature can get a little confusing. However, the control panel provides access to all data being monitored on the target device.


Not all features listed above are available for iOS devices. Jailbreaking may be required for certain iOS version.

iOS Compatibility

Pumpic is compatible with all iOS versions. For iOS versions 6.x up to 9.0.2, jailbreaking may be required to install some features on the application. However, there is also the option of using Pumpic without a jailbreak and works on iOS version 6.x up to 14.4

In contrast, FlexiSpy is compatible with iOS versions up to 11.4.1. Some versions, namely iOS 9.2 up to 11.4.1, work in tethered mode only. However, jailbreaking an iOS device is necessary to install spying features on iPhone.

Android Compatibility

For Android versions 4.x up to 9.x, Pumpic works on all versions. No rooting is required for basic features.

FlexiSpy is compatible with fewer versions of Android which includes 4.03 to 8.1. However, rooting is required for advanced features.

Installation Process

Often the installation process for Android and iOS devices varies. Because the latest versions of iOS do not require a jailbreak, the spying application can be set up on the target device remotely. However, the installation process of each spying application varies.


Pumpic provides three types of installation procedures depending on the target device. For Android devices, the installation process is straightforward. You need to have physical access to the target device and install the application by following these steps. For jailbreak iOS devices, the procedure is the same, but first, you need to jailbreak your phone before installation.

Then, there is the iCloud/No-jailbreak setup for which you do not require physical access to a device. You only need to know the credentials of the iCloud account that is linked with the device. Since all the data on the device is uploaded to iCloud, the user can gain insights into the activities on the target device.


To install FlexiSpy onto your phones, you need to have physical access to the target device, even for the latest versions of iOS. This means that you cannot install the spying application remotely. Furthermore. You need to have your iPhone jailbroken in order to install all the features for the iOS version of FlexiSpy. Jailbreaking can be harmful to your device and has become obsolete.

For Android devices, however, you do not have to root your phone. But for some advanced features, rooting is required. For call recording on social media applications, rooting is required. Similarly, obtaining messages from instant messaging application requires the device to be rooted.


There are two packages offered by Pumpic: Basic Edition and Premium Edition. Likewise, FlexiSpy offers two packages: Premium and Extreme. The following table breaks down the cost for each individual plan.

Let’s compare the Basic Edition for Pumpic with FlexiSpy’s Premium edition (equivalent of Pumpic’s Basic edition).

Here is the pricing.

As can be seen from the table, Pumpic offers the basic package at half the price of the FlexiSpy’s Premium package. Pumpic provides almost the same services without jailbreaking the device. But FlexiSpy, no doubt, provides more services.

FlexiSpy does not offer a monthly package for the Extreme Edition. Here’s a comparison of Premium Edition of Pumpic and Extreme Edition of FlexiSpy.

The table below compares the prices for the packages.

Pumpic’s Premium package costs less than a quarter of the price offered by the FlexiSpy’s Extreme Edition. As can be seen from the table, the features provided by Pumpic Premium Package and FlexiSpy Extreme Package are almost the same. So, in conclusion, Pumpic provides more value to customers at a significantly lower price.


Although Pumpic provides a slightly lesser number of features than FlexiSpy, when it comes to performance, Pumpic takes the lead. Pumpic is more geared towards providing a user-friendly application with a control panel that is easy to navigate. FlexiSpy’s control panel is, on the other hand, slightly difficult to navigate.

Given the number of features that FlexiSpy offers, users may not find all of them to be useful. A user may not have all instant messaging applications installed on the phone. So even though, seemingly, FlexiSpy provides more features than Pumpic, a user may not be able to benefit much from it.

Pumpic provides users a greater hand in managing alerts and allowing users to toggle features. This further enhances the performance of the application and saves on the device resources, and more importantly, your time. The same cannot be said for FlexiSpy.

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