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Pumpic: The no-code cell phone spyware – Penetration Testing

Pumpic is a mobile spying app that offers the craziest spying features on both iPhone and Android smartphones. It can be used for a variety of purposes by commercial and individual users. Although the app has been in the market for a few years, this new version has many features that set it apart from its previous versions. Pumpic recently released its new version, 6.0.1, with compatibility for the latest iOS and Android operating systems. In this article, we will explain how to install this new version on both these operating systems and what’s new in this latest version.

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Some features of Pumpic

  • Cross-platform
  • Easy to install
  • Ease of use (Interface)
  • Cloud-based account

Review: Pumpic cell phone monitoring app for Android and iOS

Installing Pumpic’s new version

This new version of Pumpic has upgraded compatibility for iOS and Android smartphones. You can download this new version from their website But before downloading, you have to register for the app on the website. The setup process is different for both iPhone and Android. Following is the process of setting up the app for two platforms:

A. Setting up Pumpic on Android

  • You first register yourself on Pumpic’s website.
  • An email will be sent to you with your login credentials, download link, and installation instructions.
  • Get the phone on which you want to install Pumpic.
  • Make sure the internet is turned on that phone. It is better to have a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Use the download link on the browser of the phone and download Pumpic.
  • After it’s finished downloading, start installing it on that smartphone. Around 15MB of space is required for installing this new version.
  • It will take around 10 minutes for the app to install. After the installation, it will disappear in the background.

After the successful installation, it will take Pumpic around 24-48 hours to upload the data from the smartphone to your online account.

There are two ways you can access your Pumpic online account.

  1. One way is to access it through your laptop and visiting
  2. The other way to access your Pumpic account is through a utility app that has been developed for Android subscribers. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Use your login details to access your account on your Android phone. Figure 1: Pumpic login page
Pumpic: The no-code cell phone spyware - Penetration Testing
Pumpic: The no-code cell phone spyware – Penetration Testing

B. Setting up Pumpic on iPhone

Pumpic is also one of the best iPhone spying app. The No Jailbreak iPhone version of Pumpic has a different installation procedure than the Android version. Previously, they used to have a jailbreak version for the jailbroken iPhones, but since jailbreak is not available after iOS 9, the later versions used iCloud to spy. This latest version has been designed to be compatible with iOS 12.1. Follow these instructions to install the mobile spying app on the iPhone.

  • Get hold of the iPhone you want to spy on and tap on the “Settings” icon on its Home Screen.
  • On the Settings list, tap on the “iCloud.”
  • In this section, you will be asked to enter the Apple ID and password in the required fields. Tap on the “Sign in” option after entering this information.
  • The iPhone will take a few moments to verify the iCloud credentials.
  • After verifying the iCloud account, your iPhone will save its details. Wait for this process to proceed further.
  • In the iCloud menu, there is a list of features that can be saved on the iCloud. Toggle them on except for “Keychain.”
  • In the same list, you will find a “Backup” option at the end. Make sure it is toggled on, too.

This completes the first part of setting up your phone for Pumpic, which requires you to set up your iCloud backup first. Now comes the second part in which you have to pair the Apple account with the Pumpic web account to receive all the updates from the monitored iPhone. Follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your Pumpic web account by visiting Enter the Pumpic credentials that have been emailed to your inbox.
  2. You will be directed to the main menu, which is also called the dashboard of the Pumpic. The dashboard will automatically display the devices monitored by Pumpic. Since you have subscribed for the iPhone version of Pumpic, “Pumpic for iPhone” will appear on your account screen.
  3. In the final step, you will be required to enter the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone. Doing so will pair the Pumpic account with the iPhone.

After you are finished pairing, you will have to wait for 24-48 hours before you start monitoring. This time is taken by the app to transfer and upload the data from the iCloud to your Pumpic web account. Once this data is finished uploading to your account after the required time, you can start spying on the iPhone.

Pumpic’s compatibility

As mentioned earlier, Pumpic is a cross-platform spying application for both Android and iPhone users. If you are looking to use it on Android, then it offers compatibility for the latest version of Android, i.e., Oreo 8.0. Besides, it is also compatible with all the previous versions of Android phones.

The iPhone users can use Pumpic on the latest versions without jailbreaking their iPhone. It is compatible with iOS 12.1 and previous versions. And the NoJailbreak version of Pumpic does not require any installation.

Pumpic’s functionalities

Pumpic offers many features for both versions. Here are some of the important features and how they can be used.

  • Keylogger: Pumpic has offered this new feature to its Android users. The keylogger feature records the keystrokes on specific applications on the monitored phone. Keylogger is a potent tool to access private and sensitive information. This feature works in the background and keeps recording the keystrokes made on the specific application. Pumpic’s keylogger feature works on popular instant messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and Facebook messenger. You can remotely see all the recorded keystrokes on these apps in your Pumpic account in the “Key Logger” feature of your dashboard.

Figure 2: Pumpic Keylogger showing recorded messages from different messengers

  • Pumpic Ambient Recorder: Though Pumpic records the calls of the monitored phone, it takes spying to the next level by recording the surroundings of a person through his phone with the help of its ambient recording feature. It accesses the microphone of the target phone and records the surroundings of the phone. You can go to your Pumpic account and give a command for recording the phone surroundings. It can record the surroundings for a maximum of 30 minutes in a single session. After this, the recording is uploaded on the Pumpic account, where you can listen to it. You can give as many commands as you like; there is no limit to it. Figure 3: Recordings from the ambient recorder are shown in the list
  • Pumpic Watchlist: Since there are more than 35 features, you cannot go through all of them at one time. Pumpic offers its users its Watchlist feature for targeted spying. You can set separate watch lists for words, locations, emails, and contacts. The Watchlist feature for locations allows you to set virtual boundaries around specific locations. When you enter a location in the watch list, whenever this location appears on the GPS, the user is instantly notified about it. Similarly, when you enter specific words in the watch list, you are notified when any such word from the list is exchanged on the phone. Figure 4: Different watch list options offered by Pumpic
  • Remote Controls: Pumpic’s remote capabilities allow the user to remotely control the device in many ways. Besides remotely recording the surroundings of the device, a user can remotely lock the device. For parents especially, those who do not want to snatch the devices from their kids, they can lock their phone through the Pumpic account. The device can only be opened through a passcode from the Pumpic user. In case the monitored phone is lost, then you can remotely wipe the device. This option is available in your Pumpic account. So you can use it anywhere from your web account.
  • Social Media spying: Social media messengers are the most used applications on the mobile phone, and they can give some very important information about the communication of a user and their profile on these applications. Pumpic covers almost all the major social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Kik, Instagram, etc. It shows you all the messages of these messaging apps on your Pumpic account. You can see these messages along with the contact name and their content. Their time and date are also mentioned above them. Similarly, you can see the shared data in these chats, including the images, videos, and other files.

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