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Mobile Spy App, Pumpic, Puts Apple’s iOS 11’s Security

Till a few years back, she was tapping into an iPhone was unthinkable. With security being a major concern for Apple, no one could imagine that someday one would be able to tap into someone’s iPhone. Now technology has progressed so extensively that there are mobile spy apps for iPhone. One can even spy on an iPhone with iOS 11! 

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Before you decide to get a mobile spy app, you may have to research and go through a lot of reviews before you make a decision. The best way to know about an app is by trying it out. After hearing a lot about Pumpic and that it competes with some of the best mobile spying apps, I decided to try Pumpic mobile spy app. Once I had used this mobile spy app for iPhone, I thought to pen down an honest review based on my own experience. Upon using the app, I reached the conclusion that it is one of the best mobile spying apps for the iPhone presently. 

So here goes:

Mobile Spy App, Pumpic, Puts Apple’s iOS 11’s Security
Mobile Spy App, Pumpic, Puts Apple’s iOS 11’s Security

Pumpic mobile spy app – Overview:

Pumpic is an app that is specially designed for parents to monitor their children and keep a check on their online and offline cell phone activities. The app is a popular choice for employers too for monitoring their employees. The app has versions for both Android and iOS. The reason it caught my attention was the fact that the app offers two separate versions for both Jailbroken and non-Jailbreak devices. Users having an older iPhone version can also benefit from this practical mobile spy app and simply need the iCloud credentials to start using the app.

It is fairly simple to install the Pumpic app on an iPhone. A step by step procedure is mentioned below for your ease:

  1. First of all, visit Pumpic’s official website and subscribe to it by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ tab. The app offers you two edition options: Basic and Premium. Choose whichever version suits your needs and budget. 
  2. You will be asked to provide your email, and after that, you will receive an email with a download link to the Pumpic mobile spy app along with an instruction manual on how to install the app, activation code, and your login credentials to use the app. 
  3. You need to have access to the target iPhone that you wish to monitor in order to download the app. Pumpic is quite easy to use, and by simply following the instructions given by the app, you will be down with the installation process in about 10 to 15 minutes.

The user interface is quite easy to understand and supports easy navigation as well. The dashboard on your online account displays everything that you need to know in a simple manner.

 Pumpic app provides you with some excellent features that offer the iOS users the ease of using it smoothly with the older iOS versions and the new iOS 11.3 as well. If you want to monitor text messages, social media apps, call logs or track where the iPhone user has been, the app gets you everything. It runs smoothly, and that too, in stealth mode in the background, so that target user has no way of knowing that a monitoring app is installed on their iPhone. 

Pumpic Price:

First and foremost, let’s discuss the price. The app has Basic and Premium editions. Pumpic Basic edition starts from $8/month, and the Pumpic Premium edition begins from $12/month. The app offers the users quarterly and yearly plans too.


Following is the compatibility level for Pumpic mobile spy app:

   iPhone (With Jailbreak)  iPhone ( Without Jailbreak)   

  Supports iOS 6.x, 7.x, 8. Up to 9.0.2  Supports iOS 6.x, 7.x, 8.x up to 11.4  

  Features of Pumpic:

Read on below to know further about the Pumpic features:

Text message and phone call monitoring:

The app allows you to monitor both incoming and outgoing text messages along with their time and date stamp. Upon entering a certain contact, word, or phrase in the Watch list, you can get alerts when that word or contact appears in chats, phone logs, or emails. One can secretly monitor the iOS Phone logs as well with the respective details. Pumpic provides the user to know about the target iPhone’s analysis of text messages, frequent calls, and their duration.

Not only that, but the app also allows the user to see the Top 5 Call Durations along with the Top 5 Callers letting the user know which numbers are frequently called. 

 Another interesting feature of the Pumpic mobile spy app is that it also provides an analysis of call time activity that lets you know about the target phone received the most or minimum calls.

Access to instant messenger chats and multimedia:

This feature of Pumpic allows the users to read chats and view the multimedia, which is shared by IMs. Pumpic spy app gets the user access to Facebook Messenger, iMessage chats, WhatsApp. Skype, Viber, Kik messenger, Instagram as well as Tinder messages. That pretty much includes everything! 

Remotely control target iPhone:

There’s more. Listed below are some other effective ways that allow the user to remotely target the monitored iPhone. Pumpic mobile spy app allows you to:

  • Remotely lock the device
  • Take live screenshots
  • View the installed apps on the iPhone
  • Remotely wipe off the data from the monitored device
  • Block any sites or apps by a single command

GPS location tracking:

Another feature that makes Pumpic one of the Best mobile spying apps is its GPS location tracking feature. The reason for that is that Pumpic does not only support the tracking of the current location of the target iPhone user but offers geo-fencing too. So if you are monitoring your child’s iPhone, you can get alerts when a certain location is entered or exited. 

Monitor online activities and read emails:

Pumpic happens to be a lot more than a regular mobile spy app. If you wish to use Pumpic for monitoring your employee, then this app can help you in keeping a close check on your employees’ activities and who they are doing online. With the help of the default email app, you can access all the sent and received emails and check the browsing history of the target user. 

 Recording phone calls and phone surroundings:

The app lets you record phone calls, and not only that, but you can also listen in on the phone surroundings by simply sending a remote command. 

Pumpic – Verdict:

All in all, the app is great, and with the number of smart features it is offering the users, it is certainly a great choice to monitor an iPhone. Considering all of the app’s features, Pumpic certainly qualifies for one of the best mobile spying apps, and along with those, the app has great customer support as well. 

It has a few drawbacks like the app doesn’t offer a trial version and doesn’t support desktop monitoring, but these are surpassed by the Pumpic’s price, compatibility, and advanced monitoring options making it quite the package. All of this makes it a great monitoring application for users with iPhone monitoring needs.

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