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How to spy on Android without having the phone?

How to spy on Android without having the phone Spying on someone is not a healthy activity but sometimes you don’t have a choice. A parent might be worried about falling grades of their teen at school or maybe their teenager is going on a road trip with friends and they want to be sure they are safe. Spying doesn’t mean you don’t trust them, you just want to be extra cautious because they are still young. Just like parents, an employer might has his own reasons to keep tabs on the company-owned devices provided to his employees. He may suspect someone is leaking the company’s information to competitors or he wants to monitor those employees who waste the hours chitchatting and escaping work. In all such cases, you would wish to know how to spy on Android phone without having the phone?

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Fortunately, you can spy on an Android even if you don’t have access to the phone every single day.

When people wish to spy on someone, they are usually looking for the following information:

  • Their call logs to learn about their incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Read their text messages; both sent and received.
  • Know their current location and view their location history to see where they hang out.
  • Check their emails
  • View their web browsing history to find out what they do on the internet.

All of this and much more is possible if you have Pumpic installed on the Android you want to spy on. The best part is you can spy on Android without physical access to the device. Most people hesitate to install a spying app because of certain concerns.

  • Is it safe to use a spying software? Yes, it is totally safe to use a spying software. does not change or damage the data that’s already on the phone.
  • Will the Android owner know there is a spying app installed on their phone? No, not really because Pumpic once installed works in covert mode. They will never know their phone has Pumpic.
  • Will I need physical access to the phone to spy on them? No, once Pumpic is installed on their phone, you won’t need physical access to the phone for spying. You will be monitoring them remotely.

Pumpic: The most reliable and efficient monitoring tool

If you want to know how to spy on Android phone without having the phone, give Pumpic a try. It is a package of basic and advanced monitoring features that fulfil the spying needs of anyone. The best thing is it is compatible with all Android operating systems. If you want to spy on Android Oreo, it is going to work on it too. With this app, you can successfully gain all the crucial information you need and clear all your doubts. You can track another person’s location, text messages, emails, web browsing activities, listen to their phone calls, track social media activities, IM chats and lot more.

How not to fall for a scam?

It’s not possible to spy an Android device without the installation of a spyware program. So if anyone promises you that, you better watch out. Popular scamming techniques include shady websites asking for the target person’s phone number. Then, there are some apps claiming to work without installation but that’s only for you to make a purchase. On the internet, you will also come across people claiming to be hackers who could get you the desired information without installing Pumpic or any other Android spy app. While hackers do have the capacity to achieve something like that, you never know what you could be risking by doing that. Many such hackers then use the extracted information for extortion. In the worst-case scenario, the monitored person’s private data could be sold off the dark web.

How to spy on Android without the phone?

You will need physical access to the Android device before you can spy on Android. But don’t worry, it is only going to be for 10 minutes just to install Pumpic on their device. The installation is pretty easy, you will need the download link to the app that was emailed to you at the time of subscribing. Once the app is installed and running, you don’t need the target Android phone anymore.

Follow these steps to start spying on the Android by eliminating the need to physically access it:

Log into your Pumpic account

Visit Pumpic’s website or simply log into the Pumpic. You can also download the Pumpic dashboard app on your Android phone to have easy access to your web account.

Welcome to the dashboard

After you log in, you will be taken to the Pumpic dashboard; your online account from where you will access the monitored phone logs. It displays everything that’s stored on the Android by organizing the data under certain tabs.

View the phone’s data remotely

Now, you can proceed to the data on the target Android through the Pumpic dashboard. There will a menu full of tabs on your left hand side to access whatever you want from the target device whether it is text messages, call logs, location etc.

Note: After installing Pumpic, wait for 24 to 48 hours before logging in. Pumpic needs some time to transfer data from the target Android to the user’s web account and then you are ready to spy Android without physical access.

Why Choose Pumpic?

With Pumpic, you will be able to spy on the phone easily without gaining physical access to it again and again. You can do more than just spying on phone calls and text messages. Here is what Pumpic offer:

  • Intercept live phone calls
  • Record the surrounding of the phone by sending a remote command
  • Access instant messenger chats and multimedia
  • Track GPS location and use geofencing
  • Read emails and monitor online activities
  • View photos, videos and calendar entries
  • Remotely control the Android device
  • Get alerts on specific contacts, locations, words and SIM card change

Best Prices

One of the problems with the use of Android spyware programs is how expensive they could get most of the time. But it changes when you get Pumpic. Our unbelievably low prices and maximum features for any Android phone makes it better than any software for spying on Android phones and tablets.

What are you waiting for? Now that you know how to spying on Android Phonewithout having the phone, just start today with Pumpic.


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