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How to set alerts on your Android Phone on specific words?

How to set alerts on your Android Phone on specific words All smartphones have emergency alert features. It can be really useful to have them. Chances are your Android phone already offers lots of emergency alerts to warn you about the weather or missing persons and other matters. Generally, an Android phone includes the following emergency alerts:

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  • Extreme threats

These are threats related to life, property and weather events like an earthquake.

  • Severe threats

These threats are less serious than the extreme threats. They are meant to keep you safe.

  • AMBER alerts

There are the alerts that are aimed at locating a missing child. The term AMBER stands for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response. It gives you the location, license plate of the car, make, model and vehicle color.

  • Presidential alerts

These are the alerts which are directly issued by the President of the United States.

What if you need some personalized alerts? Like maybe an alert on a specific contact? Or alert from a specific word or when the SIM card is removed from a device? For this, you will be needing Pumpic, the app that lets you set personalized alerts. These kinds of alerts are usually required when you are monitoring someone’s activities. For instance, if you are parent and you are worried that your kid changes his SIM card to talk to someone, then you can count on Pumpic to get alerts on SIM Card change. Similarly, if you are an employer and you want to get alerts on specific words used within SMS and emails because you are worried that your employees may be leaking confidential information, then again, you can count on Pumpic to send you an alert whenever those specific words are used.

How to set alerts on Pumpic?

How do you do that? You will have to install Pumpic on the device of the person you want to monitor. It can be on your child’s phone or tablet or the company owned devices that your employees use. Once you have installed Pumpic on the device you want to monitor, follow the steps below to the set the alerts:

Enter the login credentials of your Pumpic web account by visiting Pumpic.

Scroll down from the dashboard menu on your left and choose ‘Settings’.

From the options on the screen, choose ‘Toggle Alerts’ and you will see Toggle alerts and notifications options.

Toggle on the alerts that you are looking forward to receive.

How to get alerts on specific words?

Now that you have toggled on all alerts, if you are looking for alerts on specific words such as ‘company’, ‘mom’ or ‘kill’ then here is what you have to do:

Go to the ‘Settings’ tab from the main menu on your Pumpic dashboard.

Choose ‘Add Watchlist Words’ from the options displayed in front of you.

You will see a window that prompts you to enter the words you want to watchlist. Just enter them and click ‘Add’ and you are done.

Now, if the target device owner uses these words in his communication via email, SMS or IM chats, Pumpic will send you alerts. So, in the same way, you can set alerts for any other thing you want to monitor via Pumpic.

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