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How to read someone’s email without getting their password?

How to read someone’s email without getting their password Ever thought about reading someone’s email without getting caught? It is likely if you wanted to know something about your children or wanted to keep tabs on the activities of employees. Parents and employers often want to remotely read someone’s emails. Since it is a sensitive issue, there is an effective solution to it too and it’s called Pumpic. This monitoring app will let you read the emails of another person without having to figure out their password. You can check their email anytime no matter where you are located and they won’t get a security alert email about it. Whether you are a parent who is striving to protect their family or just a concerned employer who wants to make sure no corporate data is being leaked, this solution will give you what you are looking for.

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It is legal if you have a kid who is a minor or your employees who use company-owned devices. In that case, you can read their emails because the phones, computers or tablets that they use belong to you. Hence, you can install Pumpic on their devices and read their emails without asking for permission. However, if it is someone other than your kyou can install Pumpic ids or employees, you will need their consent to monitor and read their emails.

What does Pumpic email monitoring feature offer?

You can readily read emails on Android or iOS devices from a remote location. With Pumpic, you will be able to see:

  • All the sent and received emails via the default mailing app of the phone.
  • The time and date at which these emails were sent or received.
  • The names of the recipients and senders along with their contact information

How to use Pumpic to monitor emails?

To use Pumpic for reading someone’s email, the first step is to install it on their device (For Android devices installation is required; whereas, for iOS devices, the iCloud backup configuration is required).

Once you are done, you must toggle on the email log feature from your Pumpic web account. To do that follow the instructions below:

Visit Pumpic and enter your login credentials.

Click on the ‘Settings’ tab and select ‘Toggle Features’ from the options.

Scroll down to ‘Log Email’ and toggle it on. In case you are monitoring an Android device, you will see ‘Log Gmail’ instead since it is the default mailing app for Android.

Go to the dashboard and click on ‘Phone logs.’

A drop-down list will appear. From there, choose ‘Gmail’ (in case it is an Android device) or ‘Emails’ (in case it is an iOS device)

Once you do that, the Email Log will open up from where you can see all the sent and received emails from the target device.

To have a detailed look at the conversation, click on ‘Read Message’ for any particular email and it will show you the body of the email. Information like the subject of the email, time and date stamps and the email address will be available too.

That’s how you will be reading the emails of someone from a remote location using your Pumpic web account. It will be a worry-free monitoring experience because the person whose emails you are reading will not be notified whenever you are viewing their emails.


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