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How to Monitor Tinder Messages Remotely?

How to Monitor Tinder Messages Remotely?Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps. As per the statistics, Tinder has 50 million users. By now, Tinder has been downloaded 100 million times and it has made 20 billion matches so far. The daily swipes on Tinder are 1.6 billion. It is not just the adult singles, millennials or the divorced who sign up for Tinder, even the people who are already in a relationship use Tinder to hook up with someone. What if your teen accidentally starts seeing someone from Tinder who is already committed to someone else? What if it is an online predator who has his own agenda?

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You cannot stop your teen from using Tinder but you can monitor their Tinder account to ensure they are safe. In this modern digital age, you need to keep up with what your teen is up to. One wrong move can ruin their life. Tinder also doesn’t just help you find dates but lets you chat too, which means your teen will talk to a number of strangers. We all know there is no limit to chatting. It starts with simple ‘Hi’ and then this innocent conversation can change into sexting and who knows what your teen might start sharing. Fortunately, you can put this to an end before it even begins by using Pumpic.

How Pumpic Works?

It begins with installing Pumpic on your teen’s phone (which we would call the target phone). When you subscribe to the app, you are given instructions to download it on the target phone and set up a web account. The app requires you to wait for 24 to 48 hours before you start monitoring. At the backend, during this waiting period, Pumpic transfers data from the target phone to its servers and then your web account so that you can view your teen’s Tinder messages from a remote location.

Steps to monitor Tinder messages

Follow the steps below to monitor your teen’s Tinder messages:

Visit Pumpic and enter your login details.

From the dashboard, choose ‘Messenger’ and a drop-down list will open up.

Choose ‘Tinder’ from that list and you will be taken to the Tinder Messages logs.

The screen will show you the name of Tinder account holders and their conversations with the target phone. Click on any name to view all the messages sent and received between them and the device owner. Pumpic also displays the time and date stamps of these conversations.

So, monitoring your teen’s Tinder messages remotely will keep you aware of what’s happening in their dating life along with keeping them safe from predators.


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