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How to Hack Someone’s Cell Phone [Detailed Guide]

How to Hack Someone’s Cell Phone Hacking someone’s cell phone is huge. The latest smartphone technology is powerful and secure, but so are the hackers who always come up with a backdoor to get into other’s phones. Teens are harassed and bullied online every other day. Due to busy work routine, parents fail to enforce the required security and control measures. The internet is full of all kinds of threats and, there are a ton of social problems one has to deal with every other day.

People use the internet to scam people, rip them off of their money, and unfaithful employees leak valuable information to rivals that have led to devastating consequences for the business. To control these problems to an extent, ethical hacking has proven to be an effective remedy. There aren’t many ethical hackers out there leaving no option but to learn about hacking tools ourselves.

These tools are particularly for hacking cell phones secretly. Technology has advanced to such levels that you can hack into a device using its network connection and, you don’t even need to install any software on the cell phone.

So here are some ways how you can hack into someone’s cell phone:

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1. Midnight Raid

Midnight raid is a popular and easy method to hack a phone. You can do it without any spyware installation. A regular hacker tool kit to use this method includes a laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity and two phones. One phone serves the purpose of a GSM modem for the laptop and the other to receive information.

The reason it is called Midnight Raid is this attack is usually pulled off during the night when the user is asleep, and the cell phone is left unattended on the side table or is plugged in for charging. It all begins with a text message which clearly demonstrates how easy it is to get access to somebody. You have to send a text message stating “You are being hacked” on the target phone at midnight. This simple message invokes the Internet Explorer on the target device when it receives the text message.

Then an application is run on the phone to retrieve data. This SMS returns back to the phone you sent the text from and brings along with it the phone’s unique ID, its IMSI number. The app can easily steal any information from the device. One can even push viruses to the device they are hacking, or initiate a denial of service (DDOS) attack.

2. Control Message Attacks

Control Message Attacks involve sending a control message on the device you want to hack. When you send the control message to the phone, you get access to the settings menu of the target cell phone. In this kind of hack, you can control the settings of the device and the user would have no knowledge of this. You can easily uncheck SSL and leave the device vulnerable. It won’t have any encryption. After that, you can push a wipe command that deletes all the information stored on the device. As PCs don’t have SMS capabilities, these hacks are limited to smartphones. Attacking via text messages is the easiest way to hack a cell phone.

While attempting to hack a cell phone, it is important to consider the kind of smartphones susceptible to these attacks. It greatly depends on the security settings of the device. According to a report from Gartner analyst John Girard, security issues arise as wireless devices become more prevalent.

3. Hacking through IMSI Catcher or Stingray

Most of the protocols which mobile phones use are not completely secure—not to mention old! A device always identifies a cell tower using its IMSI number, but the cell tower does not have to. As the cell phones connect to the nearest cell tower that emits the strongest signal on themselves, it is rather easy to lure a device into connecting to a fake cell tower. This is what an IMSI catcher/stingray is.

This method is known by several names. IMSI catchers (International Mobile Subscriber Identifier) are also called Stingray (a brand name that manufactures hacking equipment), Cell Site Simulator, and False Towers.

Stingray happens to be a mobile surveillance device that presents itself as a cell tower and shows itself as a reliable infrastructure. This way, the smartphones you wish to hack into easily connect to these cell towers. One can place these stingrays in fixed locations or in a drone or a vehicle. Apart from detecting the location of the users of the targeted device, these devices also help in intercepting text messages and calls from the targeted devices as well as the devices within the targeted vicinity.

They basically work by spoofing as a genuine cell tower and then intercept the signals in the surrounding area. Stingrays can identify individual phones and then, hack their data. Sometimes, they can even listen to calls, record them and track movements of the monitored phone user.

Once you trick your device into connecting to the false towers, you can easily read the unencrypted content and other communications the tower transmits to you. IMSI catchers are quite common in law enforcement, but over the period of recent years, they have become widespread amongst hackers and private investigators.

How to Hack Someone's Cell Phone [Detailed Guide]
How to Hack Someone’s Cell Phone [Detailed Guide]

4. Wiretapping and tracking through SS7

Although an approximately 50-year-old protocol, signaling system 7 (SS7) connects the majority of the mobile networks worldwide. It allows you to benefit from services like roaming and call forwarding. Therefore, this protocol has become a bit rusty just like its security. Hacking into this protocol lets you track the location of your target cell phone around the globe and even monitor their incoming and outgoing text messages and calls. You would only need the associated number.

5. Installing a keylogger app

The apps on our smartphones have access to all the information on our phones. They can easily access our contacts, images, browsing history, login credentials and even our account details and locations. Even though some of the information is present in the encrypted form, all you need is a keylogger spyware app to record all the activity going on the phone. A keylogger app records the keystrokes before they get encrypted. You will need physical access to the phone to install the keylogger app.

6. Using phishing to get your credentials

No one installs a malicious app on their phones knowingly. If you wish to hack someone’s cell phone, another way to do so is through phishing. With the help of phishing schemes, you can lure your target with fake versions of legitimate sites to extract credentials. These websites are becoming more sophisticated and seem just like the original sites.

If you somehow fool your target in accessing and giving their information to these sites, you can easily hack into their phones. If the target phone has no anti-virus or other virus-detecting software on their phone, they won’t even know that they fell to a scam and given out information to a fake website.

7. Hack a Phone by Sending Spam Messages

Opting for this method lets you fool the phone user whose phone you want to hack. Hacking through spam messages is one of the black-hat techniques, and you can get access to the victim’s Google account. Usually, people use their Google account for everything that they do online. Their Google account is connected to their social media accounts, online shopping accounts, schools, colleges, as well as their bank accounts.

Google account is actually the key to track anybody’s activities. If you get access to someone’s Google account, you can easily hack into everything. You would need a security code if you don’t have the password to the Google account. Google sends that code to the target phone and that is why you send a spam message to get access to that code.

Here is what you have to do:

  • The first thing you will have to do is to go to the Google login page. Type in the phone number of the phone you want to hack and then, click on Forgot Password.
  • Google would then send the verification code to the phone.
  • Now comes the tricky part. How to get your hands on that verification code? If you are unable to get physical access to the target’s phone, then you will have to fool him into doing it. For that, you will have to send a spam message to their number.
  • Here is what your spam message would look like: “This is Google. There has been unauthorized activity on your Google account. Please reply with the Verification code that we have sent to your number.”
  • After you have sent the spam message to the target phone, wait and see if you have been successful in fooling them. If you have, then they would reply to your spam message.
  • After you receive the code, you will have to create a new password for the account. Just set a new password.
  • Now, you can log in to the Google account and see all that is happening and track every bit of information.

With just their number, you can fool someone to get access to their Google account. You can access all emails, social media accounts, map locations and even where they have shopped.

8. Using Free Wi-Fi to intercept communications

Anyone can set up a Wi-Fi Hotspot. And whoever operates the network can easily see the unencrypted traffic that goes through it. This applies to both mobile and Wi-Fi operators. Although a carrier happens to be a legit company that operates networks while sticking to a number of regulations, a common man can set a Wi-Fi hotspot easily.

There is another way to hack into someone’s cell phone. If there is a certain person whose phone you want to hack but have no way of accessing it, here is what you can do:

Set up a free Wi-Fi network near a hotel or café they like to visit often. It is also a way to lure in unsuspecting customers. After they connect, you can easily access all of their unencrypted messages and emails.

9. Data extraction through a USB charger

USB chargers are not only used for charging the battery of phones. They can also help in transmitting data when connected to a computer. It comes in handy but, at the same time, USB chargers also happen to be an attack vector.

In most of the Android versions, the cell phone mounts the hard drive the moment the cable gets connected to the computer. The rest you can do easily and upload spyware or malware to the so that you can access the data stored on the device.

10. Using a Spy App

This is one of the easiest ways for you to hack someone’s phone. If you find the above methods difficult, you can save yourself from the hassle and get yourself a spyware. There are tons of such apps available out there, but it is better that you use only the best hacking app.


Pumpic is a popular cell phone hacking app 2021. It would do all of your work for you while you sit back and relax. With the help of this app, you can see all that is going on the target phone. You can access communications and not only view the text messages and chat conversations but, listen to calls, record them and even record the surroundings off a phone.

Pumpic is compatible with both Android and iOS. This makes it a lot easier for you to hack any device of your choice. Whether it is your friend whose phone you want to tap into or your child’s phone you want to monitor or even your employee, this app will work for you. As far as its features are concerned, Pumpic packs a very attractive deal that makes spying convenient and simple. Just so you know, Pumpic was actually aimed at parents to keep an eye on their child’s activities and what they do on the internet. But over the years, it has rapidly garnered the position of a top-ranking employee monitoring app as well. You can easily use this app to get access to someone’s phone and hack their email or social media accounts.

Getting started with this cell phone spying app

As far as getting started on the app is concerned, there aren’t any complicated steps or technicalities involved. Simply visit and subscribe to the app by clicking the “Buy Now” tab. You have the option to choose from their Basic and Premium editions.

After subscribing to the app, you would receive an email that will contain all the details of how you can download and install the app on the phone you want to hack. Also, the app would make an online web account from where you can view and access all the activities going on the phone. If you want to hack an iPhone, you don’t need to install the app on that phone. The app doesn’t require you to jailbreak the device either. Just having the iCloud credentials of the user are enough. The app syncs with the cloud and lets you monitor the device.

Online Dashboard

The app is simple and user-friendly. It presents an easy layout which is easy to navigate. Once you log in to the web account, you will view your online dashboard which serves as a roadmap to the phone you have hacked. You will find all of the data organized in a single place.

The menu on the left of the dashboard displays different sections to you. For instance, if you wish to view the text messages, you just have to click the ’Phone Log’ menu and then go to the ‘Text Messages’ submenu.


The app is affordable compared to other hacking apps available. Most of them are just ripping you off your money, and many of them are just scams. You can trust this app to provide you with a mix of both basic and advanced monitoring features economically. Pumpic has two editions, Basic and Premium. The Basic edition begins with $8/month and the Premium edition costs $12/month. You can even avail their quarterly and yearly plans.

Features of Pumpic

Here is what this app could do for you. It is not a regular spying app but a complete solution if you want to hack someone’s phone. It does a lot more than accessing chats and contacts. You can enjoy plenty of benefits with this app.

Read on below to know more about the features of Pumpic:

• Monitor messages and call logs

If you hack someone’s text messages, you can easily know what is happening in their life. It is the best thing to spy on someone’s cell phone. With Pumpic, you can access both incoming and outgoing text messages along with their contact detail, date, and time stamps—even the deleted messages.

If you add a certain word or contact on the Pumpic’s Watchlist, Pumpic would send you automated alerts whenever any of them appears in the conversations. This way, you don’t have to rummage through hundreds of messages and chats. Same goes for calls. You can access the call logs and view a complete call analysis that gives you an overview of the frequent callers and duration of these calls. You can see Top 5 Callers and know about the frequent callers.

There is also a ‘Call Time Activity Punchcard’. The size of each punch varies with the number of calls during a particular day and time.

• Track GPS location

To be able to track someone’s GPS location is another cool feature of Pumpic. Each smartphone and iPhone now has an in-built GPS. This allows you to know exactly where the device is. Many tools let you know the GPS location of the device, but Pumpic does more. It not only supports GPS location tracking and lets you know their real-time location, but their recent location history, too.

You can also add certain locations in the app’s Watchlist and get alerts when the user enters or exits that location. No matter if the monitored device is connected to the internet or not. Pumpic supports offline tracking as well. It keeps on recording information and as soon as the device connects to the internet again, it transfers the data to your online web account from where you can access it from the online dashboard.

• Read emails

If you are strictly interested in who is target phone user is corresponding with, having access to email would be ideal. This way you can keep a close eye on the phone user’s activities and who do they talk to. You can view the received emails and sent emails. Even if the user deletes the sent email history, the app lets you access them. You can take live screenshots with Pumpic. The app also gives you the web browsing history of the device. You can view the top 10 websites, visited by the monitored user on their phones.

• Monitor online and social media activities

Nowadays, text messages aren’t the only way to communicate. There is a variety of social media platforms and instant messaging apps as well. You can know all the activities of the user as Pumpic lets you monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, Viber, Tinder, and Kik. You can access all of the social media activities as the app records them in real-time which you can view from the dashboard.

• Record phone calls and surroundings

This is a cool feature. You can listen to phone calls and even record them. Pumpic lets you hear the surroundings as well. With a discrete, remote command, you can turn on the mic of the phone you are spying on and listen to the surrounding voices and sounds. All of this happens silently and, the phone user has no idea that the mic is switched on. You can record up to 30 seconds. After completion of that, you will have to send another command to resume recording.

• Keylogger

This feature is for Android device only. Pumpic records keystrokes made on the Android device you are spying on. The keylogger records the keystrokes on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp. With the keylogger, you don’t just get to capture contents of sent and received messages on the above but also record passwords the user enters.

• Wi-Fi Network Log:

This feature also works for Android device only. You can also view the Wi-Fi connection history. This lets you where the user has been hanging out. You can access the details of the last Wi-Fi connection the phone connected to. Not only that, you can see the complete history and view of the connection name, date, and location as well as the time the device connected.

• Remote control

Listed below are some of the ways you can remotely control the target phone with Pumpic:

  • Lock the device remotely
  • View the apps installed on the phone
  • Take live screenshots
  • Wipe the data from the device remotely
  • Block apps by sending a single command

• Access multimedia and instant messenger chats

You can read chats and the multimedia the phone user receives via the most popular IMs. Pumpic supports Facebook Messenger, iMessage chats, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Instagram, Kik messenger, and Tinder messages. This way you can not only see the conversations that take place on these apps, but see the content the user shares or receives. These include images, videos, and even GIFs.

All in all, Pumpic lets you peak into the phone and see every activity that takes place on it. The app keeps on recording the data and keeps transmitting it to the online dashboard. Sometimes, due to a poor internet connection, the app might take some time to upload the information to the web account. But rest assured, it transfers everything.


Have a look at the compatibility table for Pumpic:

Also, it is compatible with Android Oreo and the latest iPhone iOS 14.4

Customer support

Along with an expansive range of spying features, Pumpic also has a great customer support service. Although the app doesn’t support a trial version yet, you can how about how the app works with the help of the live demo available on the site.

Pumpic’s customer support is available 24/7. Also, the website has plenty of guides and how-tos tutorials on each feature to help anyone who has just begun to use the app. What’s more is that if you have any trouble installing the app, there is also the option of remote installation assistance from Pumpic’s support team.

Pumpic provides an interesting assortment of features and, it is definitely worth the money. It delivers value and excellent performance. You cannot really go wrong with Pumpic because the app delivers what it claims. If you want to hack into a cell phone, you can invest your money in an app that truly works and keeps an eye on every single phone activity happening miles away from the comforts


How to hack someone’s cell phone without touching it?

As far as Android phones are concerned, it is not possible to install any hacking app on them without physical access. Any other cell phone hacking apps claiming to do so are nothing but scams. You will come across various apps in the market who claim to have remote installation feature. It is NOT possible because the technology for remote installation is not available yet. There is a way to do that for iPhone which we shall cover later. You can never know what these apps might be up to. They could rip off your money, send a virus or malware and infect your device, or hack your personal information.

No matter what, if you wish to hack into someone’s Android cell phone, you need to have physical access to it for installation. Later on, you can monitor all the activities remotely, but installation is the first step to begin hacking and you cannot do without having the Android device in your possession. Once you have installed the app on the phone you want to spy on, you can monitor everything that goes on that phone from text messages, emails, call logs, social media activity, locations and even the multimedia which the phone user shares or received on the instant messaging apps. You can access everything. What’s more is that you can even carry out a number of remote functions, too.

How to hack someone’s phone remotely?

We have established the fact that remote installation of a cell phone hacking app is not possible but you can certainly keep an eye on the phone user’s activities remotely. Make sure that when you consider a cell phone hacking app that claims to have a remote installation feature, you go through their website thoroughly. Even better if you get in touch with someone from the support team in order to understand how the process works. This would inform you of everything you need to know about remote installation as it doesn’t exist.

Installing Pumpic on Android phone

As discussed earlier, there is no way of remote installation of a cell phone hacking app on an Android device. But, you could have some assistance if its Pumpic cell phone hacking app you want to install on an Android phone. If you really want to hack into someone’s Android device, you have to manage to get your hands onto their device for a few minutes. The installation process barely takes 5 to 10 minutes. After the installation, you won’t require access to their device as the app lets you access and monitor everything remotely.

As for the remote installation, Pumpic allows its users with the remote installation support. This way, users can have technical assistance to help them with the installation process. Pumpic remote installation support makes sure that the app is installed on the phone you want to hack into without any hassle.

Pumpic Installation on an Android Device with Remote Installation Support

Remote installation support by no way means that that the app will be downloaded on a phone remotely. You would still need to have physical access to the device but you won’t have to do the installation by yourself. The customer service reps from Pumpic take over the entire download process and installation remotely. During that time, you need to have the target Android device you wish to hack into with you.

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to know how Pumpic’s remote installation support could assist you with installation:

Step 1 – Subscribing to Pumpic:

The first thing you need to do is to sign up for Pumpic. Once you have done that, you will receive an email. This email shall include all the credentials for your Pumpic web account. It would contain a download URL to help you with downloading the app along with detailed instructions regarding the installation process.

If you go yourself the Remote Installation support add-on, then you have to get in touch with Pumpic’s support representatives. Among many other amazing features, Pumpic offers excellent customers service as well. The Pumpic support is available 24/7 to help you with anything, be it a query or a complaint.

Step 2 – Installation of TeamViewer on the Android device:

You would need to install this software so that you can easily share the screen with Pumpic’s remote installation support. TeamViewer allows users remote control and screen sharing. When you install TeamViewer on the Android phone you are hacking into, they shall get remote control of the device and then download the spyware remotely on your behalf.

Step 3 – Wait for the download to complete

Wait for a few minutes while the download gets complete on the Android device. The support team will update you regarding the download. Once the team confirms a successful installation on the device, uninstall the Team Viewer software from the target Android phone.

How to hack someone phone without having software?

Is it even possible? If it is an Android phone that you want to hack into, you cannot do it without spyware program. But you can definitely hack an iPhone using a cell phone hacking app without installing a software.

Here is how it works:

You can remotely install Pumpic on iPhone, but it is not what you would call an installation technically because the app isn’t installed rather gets synced with the iCloud. This works only on those iPhones which are not jailbroken which is another advantage as the users don’t have to go through the process of jailbreaking the device.

Majority of cell phone hacking apps require the users to jailbreak the device that is never recommended and even removes the security limitations put in place by Apple. With Pumpic, you don’t have to jailbreak the device nor install the cell phone hacking app on the said iPhone. Since the iCloud serves the purpose of storage on Apple devices, if you have iCloud credentials of the phone user, you can hack into their phones without installing any app or even touching the device.

So what you are doing is viewing all the phone activity that the iCloud stores via Pumpic. Paired with iCloud, the app lets you access all activities on the iPhone. Not only that, you can access the deleted data such as messages and call logs from the phone and iCloud.

Hacking a phone without a software

Pumpic is one of the top ranking cell phone hacking apps in 2021. Pumpic’s version for iPhone lets you hack into a phone without the software or physical access to the phone:

Read on below to learn the step-by-step guide:

Step 1 – Purchase Pumpic subscription:

First of all, subscribe to Pumpic cell phone hacking app. You would receive an activation code and the login details of your Pumpic web account via email.

Step 2 – Configure iCloud backup:

You would get a detailed guide regarding iCloud backup on the iPhone you want to hack in the email. Usually, this option is already enabled. In case it isn’t, you would have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Now go to iCloud and then enter the Apple ID and password.
  • After the ID verification, the device would automatically save your account details.
  • Tap on the ON option for all the features (except keychain).
  • Go to Backup and Toggle “ON” the iCloud backup.

Step 3 – Log into your Pumpic web account:

To access your Pumpic web account, you can use your phone or your computer. You could log into the web account using the login credentials you received in the email so you can access the online dashboard of the app.

Step 4 – Enter iCloud Credentials

The app would require you to enter the iCloud credentials of the iPhone you want to hack into as the dashboard displays on the screen. It would take some time for the app to transfer the data from the iCloud to the online dashboard. Pumpic keeps uploading the device’s iCloud data to its private servers which you could view and access anything that is stored on the iPhone from a remote location.

Step 4 – Navigate to the Dashboard menu:

Pumpic Dashboard is your online account’s control panel from where you manage the monitored device’s phone activity. From the dashboard, you could access all of Pumpic features, like view their calls log, emails, internet browsing history, contacts, multimedia, and so on.

Now that you know everything about remote installation and how to hack without software, you can easily hack into any Android phone or iPhone.


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