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How to check someone’s Wi-Fi Connection History

How to check someone’s Wi-Fi Connection History People want every bit of detail that they can while monitoring someone, even the Wi-Fi connections that they are connected to. But there’s an explanation why a person would monitor others’ W-Fi connection history.

Wi-Fi connection history can explain a lot about where a person has been hanging out. We all tend to use free Wi-Fi when around some friend’s place, or in a club, restaurant or hotel. Free Wi-Fi is not an opportunity to miss out on.

You can view the Wi-Fi connection history from the phones and tablets of your children or employees using Pumpic.

Pumpic is fairly easy to install and use. You could find the step-by-step installation here. To check someone’s Wi-Fi connection history, follow this:

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1. Open and enter your sign-in details.

How to check someone’s Wi-Fi Connection History
How to check someone’s Wi-Fi Connection History

2. Go to ‘Wi-Fi Connections Log’ on the Dashboard screen of your Pumpic account.

3. You will have the details for all the Wi-Fi connections along with their location, date and time of log-in.

Why you need to check Wi-Fi connection history of someone?

These are the subtle details that give you a clearer picture of where they had been. If a person is using a public Wi-Fi, it’s probably because they frequently visit that place. In office, you can check if your employees aren’t connected to unsafe Wi-Fi connections that can compromise the corporate information on their company-provided phones or tablets. Similarly, you can also check if your kids are using public Wi-Fi.

It’s always better to know a little more!

Why not monitor someone’s Wi-Fi connection history when we can? We all know it’s a peculiar detail that could give us additional insights about their daily activity.


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