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How Can I Spy On Facebook Messenger?

Pumpic has devised a Facebook Messenger Spy to give you unrivalled social media monitoring that will sweep you off your feet. All it requires is a download, and you are good to go. Please note that Facebook Messenger monitoring is available for Pumpic’s Android edition only.

Here are the prerequisites to spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger activities:

Make sure the target device is compatible with Pumpic. Click here to check compatibility.

Don’t forget to ensure the phone or tablet you wish to monitor has a working internet connection.

Get a valid subscription. Choose a subscription plan that suits you.

Once the requisites are met, access the target device to install the spyware (Pumpic).

The successful installation will allow you to snoop on Facebook Messenger activities.

Pumpic automatically uploads all the information to your web-based account.

How Can I Spy On Facebook Messenger?

Voila! You are all set to keep tabs on the target Android phone or tablet by logging into your Pumpic account/dashboard/control panel from a remote location.

How Do I Use Pumpic Personal Web Account/Dashboard/Control Panel?

After installing Pumpic, use the provided login details to sign in to your web-based account.

Click on the Dashboard to access different information under it.

Click the Plus sign against Messenger to see the list of instant messengers on the target device.

Tap the one (Facebook Messenger) you would like to keep an eye on.

It will show you Facebook messages logs.

You can read the conversations, view time and date stamps, contact details, etc.

Tap on My Devices to return to the home screen.


What Can You Monitor With This Facebook Messenger Spy App?

Pumpic lets you track nearly all the activities that are performed on the Facebook Messenger. Here is what you can do with this app:

View all Facebook Messenger chats.

Spy On Facebook

Find out the names of the contacts (if saved) who are chatting with the target.

Access photos, videos and other files stored on the target device from Facebook Messenger.

See date and time stamps of each chat to know when exactly it occurred.

Save Facebook chat records as a spreadsheet to an off-server location.

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