8 Skills Your Child Needs to Be the Next Great Entrepreneur

Is your child learning the crucial skills he or she needs to become the next great entrepreneur?

You want the best for your kids.

Imagine it. Your kid turning an idea into a multi-million dollar business and loving every minute of it.

Do you remember young Evan, whose YouTube Channel, EvanTube, has amassed more than a million subscribers, a billion views, and more than $1.3 million in annual revenue?

Evan is just 9-years-old. And he’s just one example.

So many of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs became millionaires before they were 20.

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Could your child be a budding entrepreneur?

While it may seem like some people seem born to be entrepreneurs, as parents it’s important to teach your kids some important lessons early so they can learn to become the next Steve Jobs or Elizabeth Holmes.

Even if your child doesn’t become a rich and successful entrepreneur or change the world, they will benefit from these valuable skills, whatever path their life takes.

So what are these eight skills? According to an infographic produced by Pumpic, creator of a parental tracking application for smartphones, here are those vital traits, and how to inspire your children to become a great leader:

  • Resilience: Allow kids to express emotions and don’t minimize their feelings.
  • Innovation and creativity: Let them play — it’s when kids play that they engage all of their creative energies.
  • Industriousness: Build independence by giving kids chores to do and responsibility for getting things done. Lead by example and reduce your own time-wasting habits.
  • Curiosity: Encourage your kids to start new hobbies and pursue their interests — no matter how esoteric. Try having tech-free outings with your kids to museums and activity centers.
  • Self-confidence: Encourage their opinions and give them opportunities to make decisions. Even if it isn’t what you’d do, let them make choices and learn from experience.
  • Empathy: Respect your children’s individuality and their opinions, encouraging them to be open with their emotions.
  • Optimism: Share positive stories and inspirational talks with your kids to cultivate gratitude and encourage positive thinking.
  • Giving back: Encourage kids to help out around the neighborhood.

After learning these entrepreneurial skills, maybe your child could find success in a “dying” industry; become a pop icon and business mogul; or simply reinvent a product, make it better, and make millions.

8 Skills Your Child Needs to Be the Next Great Entrepreneur
8 Skills Your Child Needs to Be the Next Great Entrepreneur

Infographic: Pumpic.org

Great parents inspire their children. Are you motivating your kids to give their best all the time? I hope so. There’s no greater gift you can give to the next generation of leaders!